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German Words for Assisting You to Know Modern History

Not a single person will disagree with the statement- “the separation and final reunion were the difficult time in German history.” This blog will be useful not only for the people who are attending the German Language Classes, but also to people who are striving hard to understand the critical time period- Deutschland in German history.


Die Wende

Description: the variation, the decision

Historic importance:  Die Wende is the name for the important modifications that shaken the GDR when the Berlin Wall fell in the year 1989, leading up to reunion in late 1990. After a free election, GDR moved towards a market economy.


Die Grenze

Description: the boundary

Historic importance:  Die Grenze means the boundary that ran between and the Federal Republic of Germany during 1949 – 1990. It is an 863-mile long border spreading out from the Baltic Sea to Czechoslovakia. The tight security was given for the border in order to stop GDR citizens from escaping into West Germany.



Description: To run off

Historic importance:  After the construction of Berlin Wall, nearly 5,000 people tried to run off from the GDR by crossing the wall into West Berlin. These people were putting their heart and soul to fliehen von the GDR and make improved lives for themselves in the west. It was a trend that resulted in 200 deaths in the boundary during the wall years. Rest of East Germans strived to run off to other nations using the methods like swimming.



Description: a pet name, every so often derogatory

Historic importance: As inhabitants of the west have Vorurteile for the east, so inhabitants of the west have Vorurteile for the west. Keep in mind the point that contemporary Germany is over and above the burden of its yesteryears. Moreover, there are a lot of thrilling and groundbreaking features to contemporary German values that have nothing to do with walls.

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