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Methods to StudyProfessional French for Business

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The finest method to prosper in the business world is to speak in your clients’ language.The expertise in French will be handy always, as French is one of the topmost global languages. The more you learn the language, the more will be your customer base and professional network.

You may be able to converse fluently and might have mugged up many French idioms and phrases.It is a fact that business French is a different from the rest. Keep aside all the French idioms and phrases, as they won’t help you to make a mark in the business world.In Contrast (Au contraire), the French business environs are very official. If you have expertise in business French, then you will have an edge over your competitors.

Here are some methods that will help you to increase your business French vocabulary and gives you the confidence to discuss the business matters in French promptly.

1. Reading Newspaper
One of the best methods to improve business French is to read newspapers regularly. Reading French newspaper that covers financial& economic news and reports will help you understand what is happening across the globe. You have to make sure that you read at least one business story every day.While reading the article,you have to make a note of unfamiliar words, have to search for their meanings in the dictionary and write them down by hand in a notepad.Writing the meanings manually will helpyou to remember fast.Moreover, before selecting the following day’s article to read, review the words you studied on previous day.

2. Watch Business Reports Online
Don’t worry, if you are not able to understand every word, but pay more attention and note down the words that come up frequently. You have to check whether you have written the words correctly. Jot down the meanings in your notpad and combine them with the words you’ve studied using the method.

3. Focus on learning five words a day
Evaluate the words that are studied using the methods #1 and 2 (above), and highlight the five words that you feel tough to remember. Write the words and meaning manually in your book -ten times each one. Writing the words repeatedly will be handy for remembering easily. If you are able to study five new words a day (seven days a week), you’ll be studying thirty five new words a week, or nearly 150 words a month.

4. Read Articles loudly
This habit, not only helps you to get your tongue around hard accents, but it also jogs your remembrance. If you are not able to pronounce certain words, you have to make use of the on-line resources like Forvo or Apps like Pronunciation Checker.

Follow the above methods, as it will pave the way for increasing your business French vocabulary and confidence. It is an indisputable fact that by speaking in business French, you’ll certainly have an edge. Moreover, it will help you to build up significant business dealings with French-speakers.

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