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Tactics to StudyCorrect English Pronunciation

While studying English, what you see in books is not always what you listen to

There were many changes happened across the globe in the yesteryears. It is true that the world is connected to a great extent; so many people started learning foreign languages.

English is one of the in-demand languages and its nearness to other languages like French and German paves the way for learning it easily.

There is only one matter: English isn’t as easy as you consider. The words in English language are not read and pronounced exactly as they’re written. Several words in English are spoken in a different way.This makes English distinctive from other foreign languages like Spanish.Certain words sound totally different from one another despite the fact they’re spelled in the similar way.

E.g., the words tough (“tuff”) and though (“thoh”)vary by a single letter, but sound entirely different.

Similar to all other languages, English is jam-packed of exceptions and oddities, even in accent, and acquiring the knack of these complicated parts seems like a nightmare.But, it’sessential and challenging feature of learning.

Understanding the right English accent may be the objective, but that doesn’t mean that there is only one method to accomplish it.Each person will have their own method to achieve their goal. No matter your wants and desires, these tactics will get you there.

Identify What You Need to Sound Like

English uses several different sounds. The accent of English may change from one place to another. For instance, UK may be comparatively small in size, but it comprises of diverse accents that carry their own traits.

Based on your destination and the period of time you wish to spend, the initial step is to recognize how the natives sound. Exercise sounding like the locals. This helps you to understand the correct accent. Videos of sounding exercise will also help you to make mastery in the pronunciation.

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