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Useful English Language Words for the Aerodrome

You may be going on holiday or returning home to your home nation or going to overseas.There are a number of methods to reach another nation. It is true that the utmoststandard and fastest way to travel is by plane. When you select plane for travelling, obviously you have to go to the airdrome.
Not a single person will have a second opinion on the statement “English is used for communication at airports.Any airport can be really nerve-wracking, if it is not in your nation. This blog gives you the essential airport English vocabulary words that will be useful for you at airports.
Arrivals (N)
It is the place where you will be meeting your family and friends,once your plane reaches at the aerodrome.
Board (V)
The exact meaning of Board is “to go onto it.”
Book (a ticket) (V)
Booking a seat means that you have given the money for the seat in advance and reserved the place.
Business class (N)
People, who are travelling for business needs, sit here. In order to get a seat in Business class, you will have to pay more than the usual tickets.
Conveyor belt/carousel/baggage claim (N)
After reaching the airport, your bags and suitcases come out on the moving conveyor belt. It is the normal procedure. “A carousel or baggage” is another word for this.

Economy class (N)
Economy class is preferred by most of the people. It is inexpensive while comparing with others.
First class (N)
The seats of this class are larger and the facility is also much better. It is the most costly area of the airplane.
Gate (N)
In the exits lounge, there are numerous gates (doors). These gates will take you to different flights.
Stopover (layover)
While travelling on a long-haul plane, you will have to get down in another nation first. It is termed “a stopover or a layover”.

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